Where are the Great Woman Artists: She/Folk at IDIO Gallery

Where are the great women artists? That was the question Montana Simone Mathieu, Director of IDIO in Bushwick, asked herself as she began curating the gallery’s most recent show. Along with Nico Mazza and Arianne Keegan, founders of women’s art collective She/Folk, Mathieu set out to start a conversation about female representation in art—what it means and where it’s headed.

Bringing together a diverse group of female-identified artists, the gallery’s She/Folk exhibit explores representations of the feminine through a variety of media including installations, performances and photography. AWT is taking part too, with an installation based on our Minimalism issue. 

The Feminist Sex Shop

A group art exhibition showing On The Ground Floor (OTGF) - March 28th through April 11th, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. 

Brooklyn Beat Festival 2014

Crossing Over named one of the top cultural events of 2014 by The Newyorker

She/Folk for WE CHOOSE ART.

Nico: I’m a hair-twirler, thumb-twiddler, knuckle-cracker, and avid embroideress. My fingers are constantly moving over some surface – twisting, pulling, scraping, poking. I would call them nimble. I choose art because my fingers would harden to rock if they weren’t constantly lubricated by joint fluid. For me, art is meditation. It is timeless, limitless, and lawless. I enjoy the way tiny acts accumulate into a giant experience.

Arianne: My chosen medium of art is writing. I write down thoughts – sometimes a record of simple fragments or even solitary words that pass through my head; sometimes a bundle of sentences specifically planned, coordinated, and reworked to fill pages and pages. In any syntax words appear, they can convey meaningful stories – long and short. I choose art because through it I can share, not just with others but also with myself. I let the words come out, empty the thoughts from my head, and allow them to flow over whoever wants to feel a ripple. I think of art much like a fountain that enriches the world it spills onto.


Ciclos.  2014

[CICLOS] Portfolio exchange- Caja Gráfica es una iniciativa que busca abrir espacios para la creación de obra gráfica, la interacción de artistas de todas las nacionalidades con nuestro barrio, la apertura de plazas para exhibición y difusión de obra así como también interactuar con artistas internacionales.  De esta manera [CICLOS] propone la creación de un portafolio-caja gráfica con grabados/piezas gráficas de cada uno de los artistas participantes e invitados y ofrece la oportunidad de exhibir esa obra tanto en la Argentina como en el exterior.


Artist in Resident, November-December 2014. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Victor J. blue for The New York Times

Victor J. blue for The New York Times


The Newyorker. Alive in Green-Wood Cemetery by Sarah Larson

The New York Times. A Burial Ground Doubling as a Stage: ‘Crossing Over,’ a Performance in Green-Wood Cemetery by siobhan burke.


Bushwick Daily. #1 ART SHOP @ 99¢ Plus Gallery Opening Night.