A Nuestros Pies

I am aware of the space between the sky and the ground but I am more interested in the point of intersection- where these two things meet and how they actually connect. What is our role in this relationship?

We sprout up from the ground, and walk this surface as if the earth beneath our feet is flat. There is infinite direction. A million courses jetting from the body attached to a series of labyrinthian grids. We weave our way through, solitary, and grounded, sharing our weight with the world- asking it to support us while we use it hoist ourselves up.

There is always something at our feet. And at our feet we are each at the top of the world. Our world.

As individuals we are grounded and independently responsible for our weight, and the placement of our bodies. What happens to this point of groundedness  when we collide with something or someone else- when the point beneath our feet shifts slightly to acknowledge another energy-when we confront each other with our weight. Is this intimacy?

There is no bridge between us but we are aware of the space we take and that which we give.

The nature of this relationship is intuitive, perceptive, sensitive, and understanding, because to shift the centrifugal point is both violent and tender. We ritualize this point through movement, space, weight, and the sharing of these things.

Video filmed and edited by Gleb Mikhalev.